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The MUST for Baby Bottle Sterilizing

The MUST for Baby Bottle Sterilizing

The MUST for Baby Bottle Sterilizing

You must have felt so much relaxed when your baby is ready for feeding through bottles. Unlike breast feeding, baby bottles can be shared with your husband and parents and they can feed the little one. But the tough part comes when it needs to be cleaned and sterilized.

Here are some tips, you MUST consider while sterilizing the bottles.

  • Say ‘No’ to the tap water

The regular tap water may contain certain microorganisms and moreover, those are going to be hard water. When you use such water for the sterilization, it may leave the salt layer towards the bottom of the bottle and may harm the protection. So, it is always good to depend the filtered water.

  • Quality, that matters

When you buy the baby bottles for your little one, make sure that it is BPA free and it is of food grade plastic ware. They are not so resistive to the germs and chemicals. So, it is important to get the best quality bottle.

  • Dry separately

Many moms keep a separate shelf to keep the bottles and other utensils of their little ones. Similarly, it is highly recommended to dry their bottles separately so that they will be free from the dusts and other insects. Taking help from the air tight containers also is a good practice.

  • A 30 seconds hand wash

It is equally important to wash your hand properly before dealing with their bottles. Wash your hands thoroughly minimum for 30 seconds using any hand wash.

Keeping all such things on track, feed them happily and safely.

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