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The Healthy Crunchy Carrots For Your Kids

The Healthy Crunchy Carrots For Your Kids

The Healthy Crunchy Carrots For Your Kids


Starting from enhancing the eye sight, carrots can help your toddlers from protecting their tooth and gums. It is your wish to give them in the form of juice or as crunchy pieces. Following are the benefits your kids can get through carrots.

Enhanced Immunity

The antiseptic nature of carrots develops the immunity of babies. Vitamin C present in carrots accelerates the smooth functioning of the WBCs (White Blood Cells), which in turn boosts the immunity.

No more constipation

Since carrots are fibre rich, it encourages a smooth digestion. The gastric juices extracted as a result of fibres, end up in smooth bowel movements and are able to prevent constipation in kids.

Better Eyesight

The Vitamin A, in carrots supplement a good vision and are able to prevent night blindness as well.

Prevent Macular Degeneration

Beta carotene presence prevents the macular degeneration by 40 % in children.

Better Oral Hygiene

Carrot is proven with the abilities to prevent different types of dental infections and are good for oral health. While eating carrots, there is a gum stimulation initiated which increases the saliva production. The alkaline content in the saliva fights with the bacteria and make the oral health better.

Rejects intestinal worms

Kids often suffer with stomach disturbances may be because of the lack of hygiene. This may form intestinal worms. Carrots in the form of soup or mashed help in eliminating the intestinal worms.  

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