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Short-cuts To Boost The Baby Brain

Short-cuts To Boost The Baby Brain

Isn’t it quite amazing that your baby is born with 100 billion neurons? In the first year of their growing, those billions are going to grow to trillions of brain cells. Making the brain connections wired is the deciding factor of their brain development. The better experiences you can give them; the better brilliant they are going to become.

One Step Ahead

Remember that they have a brain even when they are inside your womb. To take good care of them and their brain development, it is essential for you to follow a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle while you are carrying the baby inside.

Healthy Conversations

Your child can copy the manners you do. So, it is important to learn them the right habits and manners. Similarly, while communicating with them, bringing an element of delighted vocalization can make them catch the communication easily and they can understand the communication.

The Brainy Toys

Toys are not just toys, but the brain development equipment for your babies. When they play a game with building blocks or the patty- cake game, there involves both their hands and brain. So, grab them such toys in accordance with their age.

Safe Environment

Though you don’t need to set up a different section for this, your child can gain the spatial knowledge within your home itself. When you mock them that their favorite toy is there on the table or under the coat, they are learning the parameters like up, down, above, near, far and more.

Quick Response

Give them quick responses when they cry, laugh or even if they keep calm. When you attend them quickly or if you are gently massaging their body, it develops the feeling of emotional security in them.

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