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Is My Baby Asthmatic?

Is My Baby Asthmatic?

Is My Baby Asthmatic?

If there is an inflammation on the lungs and the bronchial airways of your baby, there is a chance for development of asthma in them. But, since they may fail in expressing what exactly they feel, it can be tricky to find whether they are asthmatic or not.

The reasons can be many such as hereditary, allergic conditions, presence of smokers around, low weight or even obesity.

Following are the common symptoms of asthma in kids.

  • Pain/ congestion in the chest
  • Persistent cough
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Tiredness
  • Short breath
  • Lingering cold
  • Whistling sound while sleeping

However, finding it at the earliest and consulting with the pediatrician can help them from asthma.

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