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Is it good to drink milk during pregnancy?

Is it good to drink milk during pregnancy?

Is it good to drink milk during pregnancy?

There are various hormonal changes takes place at the time of pregnancy and it is a time that fills with lot of emotions and questions. Pregnant woman need to follow a strict diet for healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Milk is the primary diet that provides enough amount of calcium. Taking adequate amount of milk helps in providing all the minerals to the baby. It is recommended to take 1000 to 1300 mg of calcium per day.

 In the early stages of the baby life, drinking milk is the best option. It is recommended that pregnant woman need to take three cups of milk and other dairy products per day. The height of the baby also increases and woman can get taller children.  The insulin levels in the children are also in higher levels and reduce the type of diabetes risk.

Consuming milk during pregnancy reduces the risk of osteoporosis in children, neonatal rickets and enhances the fetal brain development in the baby.

Which type of milk should a pregnant woman consume?

It is difficult to find, which type of milk is good for pregnant woman and also for baby. Choose the milk that best suits you and that makes you healthy.

Skimmed cow’s milk

Skimmed milk is a best choice if you do not want to put on extra weight during pregnancy. From the skimmed milk, the saturated fat content is removed to make it light though saturation process. This milk also reduces the fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and C, which are highly essential for the pregnant women.

Whole cream milk

Having full cream milk during pregnancy is not a good option and the fat content is present in higher levels in this cream milk results in high weight gain. This milk contains saturated fat and more calories.

Pasteurized cow’s milk

Whether it is a skimmed milk or cream milk, it should be pasteurized. This process slows down the bacteria growth if the milk boils at certain temperature. Drink raw milk is not advisable during pregnancy as it contains bacteria that cause infections to the growing fetus.

Raw milk

It is not safe to take unpasteurized or raw milk during pregnancy. The microbes and bacteria present in the milk are destroyed by heating them at certain temperature. It is highly recommended to avoid unpasteurized milk products during pregnancy.

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