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Is banana good for you during pregnancy?

Is banana good for you during pregnancy?

Consuming lots of vegetables and fruits is good for a healthy pregnancy and also for the developing baby. Calcium, potassium and many other nutrients are present in banana and it is a great fruit to consume during pregnancy. Banana is highly helpful for the developing baby and it provides essential nutrients required for the healthy baby.

Benefits of banana

Folic acid provider

Folic acid is highly helpful for the development of brain, spinal cord and nerves of the growing fetus. Bananas are rich in folic acid that avoids premature births and avoids disability in child.

Reduces Anemia

Anemia is the major complication in pregnancy and this can be avoided by taking bananas. Iron rich fruits decrease the chances of anemia and provide more hemoglobin to the body.

Avoid constipation

Banana reduces the constipation and helps in smooth bowel movement by providing extra supplements. The fiber content present in banana avoids constipation.

Calcium providers

Calcium is essential for the development of bones of the baby and helps in the healthy baby growth.

Enhances cell growth

Vitamin B6 is present in higher levels in banana acts as a neurotransmitter. This vitamin also boosts the development of RBC in the body.

Other benefits

Vitamin C content presents in banana boosts the baby immune system. Protein content present in the banana keeps the baby healthy. The most common symptom of pregnancy in first trimester is the nausea and it can be reduced by regularly taking banana. It acts as a blood pressure stimulator, energy booster, stops hunger pangs and maintains blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.

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