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Giving Grapes to Your Babies- Tips and Tricks

Giving Grapes to Your Babies- Tips and Tricks

Though it is sour a bit, the sweet taste comes after that, is rich enough with the vitamins and fibre. Upon consulting with the pediatrician, from 9th month of your baby, grapes can be given to them in the solid form itself or in the form of juice.

How can I give grapes to my baby?

Feeding them can be one of the toughest tasks that you might have come across. Giving grape is going to create different expressions on their face tuned with the sour and sweet.

  • Wash it thoroughly
  • Peel the skin
  • Deseed the fruit
  •  Slice it
  • Or make it juice

What does grape bring to my baby?

Grape fruit gives your baby the health benefits of vitamins, fibres and water to a good extent.

  • Rich source of Vitamin C for the development of immune system
  • Vitamin A for a healthy eye sight and white blood cells
  • Presence of lycopene    
  • Dietary Fibre for the digestion

So, let them learn to have solid foods, and let them grow with all the nutrients in their diet

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