Delhi specialists recommend fertility boosting tips

Delhi specialists recommend fertility boosting tips

Today one in eight couples is having difficulties in getting pregnant and keeping their pregnancies. Trying to conceive is a physical and mental stress for the women. The couple should have intercourse at the time of ovulation increases the chances of getting pregnant in women.  Specialists around Delhi-NCR suggest some fertility boosting tips like:

Weight control:

Being underweight or overweight can affect fertility in women and it took longer time to get pregnant. An overweight woman may have insulin resistance which may disrupt menstruation. 

Healthy Diet:

Controlled weight and eating healthier food can help women from getting pregnant. Avoiding processed foods that are saturated with chemicals and preservatives may boost fertility in women.

Less consumption of alcohol and caffeine:

200 milligrams a day is recommended for the women who are trying to conceive. Caffeine can affect female hormone levels, which can consequently affect how long it takes to get pregnant. Excessive consumption of alcohol also results in the decrement of infertility rates.

Avoiding smoking:

Smoking can damage not only a woman's infertility, but also of a man's. Smoking can reduce sperm count and damages DNA in men and in women it affects women uterus and quality of eggs. In most of the cases, smoking has been recorded as the major cause for miscarriage while pregnant. Quitting smoking will strongly boosts fertility and increases the chances of getting pregnant.

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