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Benefits of lemon water during pregnancy

Benefits of lemon water during pregnancy

It is important to take proper healthy diet at the time of pregnancy for a healthy baby. Some foods are really harmful during pregnancy and some foods provide nutrients and folic acids, which are highly helpful. Lemon falls down into that category and it is important to know the pros and cons of taking lemon juice during pregnancy.

Lemon water benefits during pregnancy

Vitamin C is the rich source in lemons and helps in maintaining healthy immune system during pregnancy. Vomiting, nausea, the early pregnancy symptoms can be easily tackled by the lemon water. Lemon water avoids the growth of unwanted bacteria and stimulates the liver function by detoxifying the body. Women who have high blood pressure during pregnancy can take lemon water as it lowers the blood pressure. Digestion and constipation are the major problems during pregnancy and these can be treated by lemon water easily. The calcium and magnesium levels present in the lemon are helpful for the healthy bone growth of the developing baby. It reduces the cholesterol levels in blood, increases immunity and reduces body heat.

Points to remember before taking lemon water during pregnancy

Taking anything in moderate levels is good for both the mother and for baby. Eating lemons may relieve from morning sickness, but not totally. For some women’s, heartburn and acidity may increases at the later stages of pregnancy, that can be increased by taking lemon water. The acidic nature in lemon water affects the enamel of the tooth and it is recommended with gargling with plain water after taking lemon water. Take mild cooling lemon water and avoid ice cubes in lemon water. Before taking any food during pregnancy, taking suggestions from doctor is compulsory.

Lemon water preparation method

It is safe to consume lemon water in moderate levels, as it avoids dehydration. Making lemon juice at home is the best option for pregnant woman. Wash the lemon and cut into two pieces. Take a glass of water and squeeze one piece of lemon. Instead of sugar, you can add honey for sweetness and consume it immediately.

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