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Wish to know about IVF alternatives?

Wish to know about IVF alternatives?

IVF has captures the attention of many infertilie couple from its starting stage. Unfortunately not all couples are successful after multiple attempts of IVF. With the technology advancements, many alternative treatments for IVF have came into existance. 

GIFT and ZIFT-the best IVF alternatives

Developmental stages of IVF treatment has been started in the mid-1980  where GIFT (Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer) has been newly introduced that Laparocsopically retrieves oocytes and immediately transfers them into women Fallopian tubes, which also includes sperm counts in the transfer process. GIFT limits the fertilization procedures to one laparoscopy and also provides natural and healthy tubal environment during the process.

This treatment reduces the worries of endometrial trauma that occurs in the process of trans-cervical transfer of the embryos into uterine cavity. Gamates harvest is the main criterion behind the success of IVF in which worries like embryo growth issues and the process are completely removed with the prepared specimen replacement directly into tubes. Thought this treatment remained highly successful, but it cannot be treated as the universal fertilization treatment due to certain constraints like tubal occlusion or dense- pelvic adhesion etc. 


Later, another technique ZIFT (Zygote- Intra Fallopian-Transfer) was introduced that transfers the fertilized oocytes into Fallopian tubes. ZIFT has additional features and also preserves the benefits of GIFT. But ZIFT needs two types of laparoscopies, i.e. oocyte and zygote transfer. Apart from the tubal infertility issues, to treat other fertility problem like ovulation disorders, ovarian reserve decrement and male factor reduction, ART Cycles are increased.

Both ZIFT and GIFT is meant to retrieve oocytes that address anesthesia risks and high operation expenses for the treatment. Due to this process, one to two hour operation process is replaced by 10-15 minutes setting.


What types of infertility can GIFT and ZIFT treats?

Both the Gift and ZIFT can be used for all kinds of infertility problems except the tubal abnormal cases. These techniques are higly useful for mild male infertility cases. For the women who are not capable of producing eggs, GIFt is the best recommended altervative to IVF.

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