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Winter pregnancy tips

Winter pregnancy tips

Winter is the season with full of cold and cough. It is not easy during pregnancy to cope up with the hormonal changes in the body. Body needs to adopt with the weather changes while pregnant. There are few survival tips for safe pregnancy during the winter season.

Be active in the day

Pregnant woman need to be active for at least 2.5 hours in a winter day. Little activities during the winter day will helps to enjoy a smooth labor. Avoid playing in winter and avoid walking on slippery floor. Practice some exercises and yoga for staying fit during winter.

Drink more water

Whether it is summer or winter, pregnant woman needs more water for healthy baby development. It is not about the season, pregnant woman need to take more water and fluids during pregnancy. 

Prefer wearing clean clothes

Always wear clean and protected clothes to stay away from infections, as immunity is less in those days.

Take care about germs

Avoid germs and infections are the challenging things during cold season. Keeps the hands clean by washing with soaps, drink lukewarm water also helps in eliminating the germs. Use hand kerchief and sanitizer to avoid infections.

Take care of bleeds

With the changes in the hormones, blood circulation through the blood vessels increases and in winter women are prone to have nose bleeding and try to prevent nose bleeds.

Eat healthy food

In winter season, it is common to crave for spicy and hot food. Spicy and junk food are strict no during pregnancy. Take vegetable soups, herbal tea, nuts provides the essential nutrients.

Take proper sleep

Sleeping is the better option for winter pregnancy. Take adequate rest in the winter season and lying on bed is the best idea during winter.

Keep your skin moisturize

Keeps your body soft using moisturizers as skin problems are the common problems during winter. Stay healthy and safe during winter at the time of pregnancy.

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