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Which is the best choice-Tubal Reversal or IVF

Which is the best choice-Tubal Reversal or IVF

There are many options for the infertile couples to have babies through the infertility techniques. Sterilization is the most common factor that many of the infertile couples prefers in these days.  This procedure is the permanent solution for the women with infertility and it can be performed 48 hours post partum. But many women prefer IVF despite of the permanent sterilization process. Many factors influences the decision making process either to go with tubal reversal or with IVF.

Tubal reversal process

Tubal reversal technique is an outpatient procedure using a small abdominal incision and micro surgical technique to restore the connection between the interrupted tubal segments. The risks include with this surgery are infections, poor healing, damage to the Fallopian tubes, uterus and other surrounding tissues in the future. The post operation recovery period is usually more compared to the other surgeries. There is a risk of ectopic pregnancy in this case. It is extremely important to know what sort of sterilization procedure was performed when considering surgery. Semen analysis for the male partner should be done compulsory prior to the surgery. If the results of the semen analysis are normal there is a higher chance of getting conception.

The cost of the tubal reversal varies from place to place and it is highly depended on the surgeon, hospital and region. In some areas the cost of tubal reversal exceeds IVF and in other area surgeons perform this surgery with extremely low costs. The experience of the surgeon needs to be considered before going with this operation.

IVF process

This is the most recommended processes for the women with blocked Fallopian tubes and this technique has been refined and the success rates are also enhanced drastically. The IVF is now used for many additional infertility problems such as male factor and unexplained infertility. The ovaries are stimulated intentionally in this technique for getting the oocytes via needle aspiration and combine them with sperm in the laboratory. The selected embryos are then transferred back into the uterus. The process which normally occurs in the Fallopian tubes, thus occurs in the laboratory. 

The IVF is also a very costly process and the success rates are depends upon the clinic, techniques used for IVF and embryologist.

The decision between tubal reversal and IVF

The decision between the tubal reversal and IVF is difficult. One should consider the costs, success rates and long range plans before taking a decision. If the woman needs multiple children and the woman is young, choosing a tubal reversal is the better option.  If the age of the woman is more than 35 years and they need only one child, IVF is the best option. The success rates with IVF or a tubal reversal are low beyond 42-43 years age. 

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