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Want to wear high heels during pregnancy

Want to wear high heels during pregnancy

During pregnancy many woman want to be fashionable and beautiful. For some women wearing high heels during pregnancy is a confusion state. If you are habituated with the high heels on a very regular basis, it is very difficult to avoid at the time of pregnancy. There are certain risks and discomforts associated with high heels and pregnancy.

If the months move on, it is uncomfortable to walk with high heels. During the second and third trimester it becomes more uncomfortable. Swelling around the feet at the time of second and third trimester is the main reason for discomfort. In the second trimester, relaxin hormone levels increases, loosen the ligaments. This results in the severe back pain during pregnancy.

The muscles in the calf could be tightening leads to painful leg cramps. Bottom sticking after delivery is another main problem of wearing high heels during pregnancy. Due to the increases weight of the baby, the bones in the uterus pushed to the upwards that results in the bottom bulge after delivery. The posture of the pregnant women also affects by wearing high heels continuously during pregnancy. The pelvis gets forwarded and enhances the curve in the lower back affecting the posture making uncomfortable to the pregnant woman. avoid coloring hair and piercing belly button ring during pregnancy.

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