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Want to know that you are pregnant after IVF

Want to know that you are pregnant after IVF

Most of the women will be in confusion states whether they are pregnant or not. Few days before the period, women undergo some mental stress. There are some early symptoms those women experiences two weeks after conception. If a woman is due on her period for two weeks and the couple is having active and timed intercourse, it could be a pregnancy sign. Follow some easy tips to get pregnant easily. Until going for the blood test confirmation, women can confirm pregnancy in home itself with some signs and symptoms.

Breast tenderness

Maintain close attention to the changes in the body and changes in the breast. If pregnancy is confirmed means the breast tissue is tender and a little bit painful. As the levels of estrogen increases and the breast starts to increase, which causes pain and discomfort in some women.



Spotting occurs prior to when you would get periods. Light spotting in brown color is the result of implantation of embryo to the uterus. Approximately 20% of the women experiences spotting at the time of first trimester. The bleeding is usually very lighter and the color also changes from red to brown.

Urinary frequency

The frequency of urination is also increases few days after conception. Monitor the urinary frequency and if it more than normal means, there could be a chance that you are pregnant. This change is mainly due to the changes in the hormones results in the flow of blood more speedily to the kidneys, fills the bladder more often. Many women feel more peeing at night times.


Morning sickness and fatigue

Nausea, morning sickness, feel sick in the stomach are some early signs. These are mainly due to the changes in the hormonal levels. Fatigue is also an early sign as the body responds to the hormonal changes.


Home pregnancy test

Take a urine pregnancy test in the home, two weeks after missed period. This test should be performed as first thing in the morning. It is a positive result consults your gynec as soon as possible. Follow the perfect, healthier diet for healthier delivery and healthier cute little one.

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