Vitamin D deficieny among infertile women

Vitamin D deficieny among infertile women

A recent report released by Metropolis Healthcare shows that there is a severe lack of vitamin D among women in the city Mumbai. The centre surveyed 11,000 women suffer from deficiency and insufficiencies of Vitamin D. 28 percent of the survey women are reported Vitamin D deficiency and 51% are insufficient. The deficiency is more severe than insufficiency. Lack of vitamin D in woman’s body has severe health effects. It weakens the bones and also increases the risk of developing breast cancer.

Vitamin D also plays a key role in infertility. The deficiency causes inability to form normal mature egg, which is a main reason for infertility. Dr. Rishma Pai, famous gynaecologist and infertility specialist in Mumbai stated that deficiency of Vitamin D leads to infertility in women. This deficiency deters the egg matures and thus women fail to form eggs every month. This problem indirectly manifests the formation of polycystic ovarian cysts. All these symptoms indirectly led to infertility.

As sunrise is the direct source of vitamin D, lack of exposure to the sunlight is the main reason behind the growing trend. According to The American Journal of Clinical Research, proper intake of Vitamin D decreases the risk of breast cancer by 50 per cent.

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