Unregulated egg donation industry in India

Unregulated egg donation industry in India

Among all the registered egg donations and sperm donation, India is in the first place and the number is recorded as 5293. In cities like Mumbai, surrogacy is a thriving business for many of the teenagers, college students, young professionals and mothers who are in need of money are taking the option of donating their eggs. The clinics categorize the donors based on their looks, height, education qualification, color complex.

Many of the young girls were dying due to the illegal egg donation for more than two times. There may be more than 80 IVF clinics in Mumbai and all requires at least one egg donation per week. Every second couple who is in need requires egg donor. The clinic injects hormones to stimulate the ovaries while making the retrieval process. The guidelines and the ART Bill only permit donations where the donor and recipient are not known to each other. According to Dr Neena Malhotra, Professor of Gynaecology and an IVF specialist at AIIMS, “The anonymity clause encourages commercial donation of gametes (eggs and sperms). A regular donor gets about Rs 30,000-35,000 per procedure, while those in the premium list draw Rs 50,000-60,000. Many women are donating eggs for various reasons, obviously the most important reason is the financial one.

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