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Understanding the procedure of IUI

Understanding the procedure of IUI

Before proceeding with the IUI treatment, it is very important to learn the working of this procedure. The general IUI process has five important steps.

Steps in IUI process

  1. Semen analysis

  2. Monitoring of female ovulation

  3. Obtaining the sperm sample

  4. Laboratory washing of sperm and preparing of the sperm sample

  5. Final step is the injection of the prepared sperm sample into the uterus

Success rates in the IUI process

There are quite a good number of success rates in this IUI process. The chances of conceiving in the IUI process could be more enhanced if the partner has:

  • Unexplained infertility

  • Male factor infertility problems or low sperm count

  • Cervical mucus problems in female

IUI with the intake of fertility drugs

The chances of getting success in the IUI procedure of women more that 35 years can be increased by the usage of the ovulation boosting fertility drugs. If the doctor recommends IUI treatment along with the fertility drugs, the doctor monitors the patient through the entire IUI cycle. The doctor will give some options to choose from when to take fertility drugs with IUI.

  • First option is the injection of HCG for simulating IUI. The eggs get matured easily with the HCG, so that is a chance of releasing egg at the perfect time. Generally the procedure of IUI takes 24-48 hours.

  • Usage of gonadotropin releasing hormone which reduces the chances of pre mature ovulation.

  • Sometimes using of Clomid with IUI simulates ovulation, thus boosts the IUI process to become success.

Washing and preparing of sperm for IUI

The process of preparing sperm for the IUI process is called washing. In this process, the sperm have to be separated from the seminal fluid and concentrated down. The washing process separates chemicals and prostaglandins and enhances the sperm to fertilize the egg more precisely. Washing process helps in preparing the perfect sample of sperm with high concentration and avoids cramping in women after injection.

Retrograde ejaculation problem in men

Some infertile men cannot able to ejaculate their sperm through their penis, it ejaculates backwards into the bladder. In this situation the doctor must be capable to extract sperm from his bladder. So it is very important to check whether you are a good candidate for IUI or not before proceeding with the treatment.

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