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Undecided about donor sperm

Undecided about donor sperm

Many couples seek donor sperm, if the male partner is not producing enough sperm for conception. Sperm donation is the commonly used method for treating infertility to help conceive of women if the male partner has inherited diseases, women in homosexual relation and by single women who want to conceive. The donated sperm is used in the IUI and IVF procedures for fertilizing a woman’s egg inside her body. Every hospital has registered members for donating sperm. There are some pros and cons with the sperm donation infertility treatment.


  • Makes the conception a very easy process if the donated sperm is healthy and it is the most effective method of conception.
  • Woman and her partner have the choice of choosing their own donor who resembles them.


  • Checking of the medical history of the donor is compulsory for avoiding some infectious diseases to the child and the mother.
  • Some sperm banks are very expensive
  • Sometimes parents feel threatened if the child wants to learn about the biological father.

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