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Twins in demand through IVF

Twins in demand through IVF

Couples are now demanding twins in the IVF process. They were requesting doctors to transfer two embryos during one IVF cycle. The major reason for this demand is the cost of the fertility treatment as it is very high and cannot cover by insurance. Some other reasons are the changes in the biological clock and the frustration towards the fertility medication and lengthy fertility struggle.
The doctors are telling that having twins or multiple births through IVF have severe risks and even life threatening risks for both the mother and the child includes premature birth, low birth weight and birth defects. Fertility doctors are working to give better counseling to the patients about the serious health risks and high costs of having more than one baby at the same time.

Below are the major pros and cons due to the multiple births in IVF

Pros due to the multiple births in IVF

IVF cost and insurance factor

Most of the ART procedures are not covered by insurance and patients have to pay from their own pocket. This often results in financial stress as well as long term stress.

No need to take another lengthy IVF process

Generally IVF is a lengthy and mental stress process. Women need to take drugs and some hormone injections for nine months. Twins in one delivery would avoid that another lengthy IVF process.

It avoids frustration towards fertility medications

Infertility treatment is a step by step slow phenomenon and most of the women got frustrated with all the medications and blood tests. All these things could be easily avoided with twins in one pregnancy.

Cons due to the multiple births in IVF

Women who got pregnancy by transferring multiple embryos are at high risk for pregnancy complications like:

Pre-term Birth

There are 60% cases that babies born prematurely at an average of 35 weeks.

Low birth weight

In many cases twins are born prematurely at less than 2.5 kilograms. For this low birth babies who born under 32 weeks has higher risk of getting mental retardation. There is a higher risk of getting many health problems from the time of their birth.

Birth defects

There is a chance of sharing placenta develop twin-twin transfusion syndrome. In some cases, a connection between the two babies’ blood vessels and causes one baby to get much blood flow and the other is little bit low.

Risks to the mother

Cesarean is one of the main risks that women need to undergo caesarean section. In some cases women also get pregnancy related diabetes. Babies may also get breathing and other problem at the time of delivery.

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