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Tubal diseases- a cause for infertility

Tubal diseases- a cause for infertility

The healthy reproductive organs works as a team protect and nourish embryo and growing fetus in women. A healthy reproductive system helps in giving birth to a baby successful with full term. Tubal factor is also a major reason for causing infertility in women. Nearly 25 percent of women are diagnosed for infertility due to tubal factor. Fertility problems related to the tubal disease may be a higher risk for pregnancy.

Fallopian tubes have the special prominence in the reproductive system as they are the import and essential parts in the body to get pregnant. Some important functions of Fallopian tubes are:

  •  These tubes connect the ovaries to the uterus and helps sperm to get all the way from uterus to the egg, which is waiting near to the ovaries

  •  At the time of ovulation, a mature egg transfers form ovary to the Fallopian tubes, the place where it joins with the sperm to fertilize

  • The environment near the Fallopian tubes also needs to be perfect for taking place of conception

  •  After fertilization of egg with sperm, fine hairs and slick fluid help transport the fertilized egg to the uterus, with expect for implantation.

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