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Treatment options for male infertility

Treatment options for male infertility

 Fertility treatments for Male
Among all cases of infertility, it is evident that there is about 30 percent can be traced as male factor infertility. Treatments for male infertility include:

If the male partner is having problems with varicocele, it can be surgically corrected and repaired. If there are no sperms in the ejaculate, the sperms are directly retrieved from the testicles or epididymis using sperm retrieval techniques.

Treating Infections:
If the men reproductive tract is having any infections, it can be treated by giving some antibiotics.

Treatments for sexual intercourse problems:
For the problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, medication or counseling is can improve fertility.

Hormone treatments and Medications:
If the infertility is caused by the high or low levels or concentration of the hormones, the doctor will provide some medications and hormone treatments.

Some experts recommend ART treatments like obtaining sperm through natural ejaculation, donor sperm and surgical extraction depends on the cases. The extracted sperm is then inserted into the genital track of the female or IVF or IUI are performed.

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