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Track your Ovulation Cycle while TTC

Track your Ovulation Cycle while TTC

It is very essential for every woman to have regular periods every month. The ovulation problem could affect the fertility in women. Many of the ovarian follicles may lie in the ovaries, which are like tiny sacs that contain eggs. When an egg released from the follicle, an egg is released. On the first day of menstrual cycle, several follicles and eggs begin to develop and mature. After two weeks, the most mature egg bursts out of its follicle and out of the ovary, and travels out of the ovary and into the Fallopian tubes.

Every women needs to track and predict their ovulation period exactly with the help of ovulation detection methods. The ovulation calculator can help in keeping track of the monthly ovulation time. Whenever all the ovulation, implantation and fertilization are healthy, pregnancy begins. If there is any problem with the ovulation, conception is very difficult.

If anyone is having problems with the pregnancy, the major risk factors that an infertility specialist could find are:

o    Being underweight or overweight
o    Women who are experiencing high stress
o    Thyroid or any other hormonal disorders
o    Abusing drugs or alcohol
o    Cysts, tumors or other health problems

Ovulation can also be affected by physical or emotional stress, poor nutrition, illness and lifestyle, actions like smoking, drinking, etc. a woman needs to have a healthy ovulation in order to conceive successfully, as this ovulation is regarded as the best fertility time where the pregnancy is most likely to happen.

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