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Tips for Your Kids

Tips for Your Kids

It is not an easy task to make your child learn and practice the basic hygiene habits. By giving no ears to our words they might be crawling and jiggling like a frog from one activity to the other with no time gap at all! But, how can we leave them like that with all the dirty hands and by skipping breakfast? So, making them capable enough to practice the elementary healthy habits are essential.

Let’s have a look through the primary habits you can train them:

No more ‘No’ to Breakfast

Feeding them the food is the toughest part many moms like us are struggling with. Whatever struggle you may take, and whatever tricks you may play. Give them the nutritious breakfast to start the day with full of energy and full of happiness.

Washing Hands and Taking Bath

It is not just showing the hands under the tap for a second and running away by wiping the droplets in the trousers. Train them to wash their hands minimum for 20 seconds and let them be safe from the germs.

Explore the Nature

It might be a prestigious concern for you to buy an iPad or the latest play station for your kid. But, it is important for them to be in contact with the nature where they live in. So, let them go out and have fun with friends. Let them play in the mud and come back with the latest muddy designs on the t- shirts.

It’s The Brushing Time

Hygiene- Hygiene- Hygiene. Yes, it is that important for your kid. Practicing them to brush their tooth twice a day is appreciated all the way. May be you will have to grab a designed BEN 10 brush or the Pinky Barbie handled brush. But at the end of the day, brushing cleanly is important.

Zzzzzz.. Sleep is also important

Remember that, while sleeping, they can dream as well. A dreamy kid shall always work to conquer that dreams as well. So, let them have a good sleep for minimum 10 to 12 hours a day.

Make them all learn and practice these, and be the super moms of such super kids.

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