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The mind blowing IVF treatments are ahead

The mind blowing IVF treatments are ahead

On behalf of the natural process, human couple can reproduce with infertility treatments. There are only a few options for the infertile couple thirty years ago, like surgery or hormonal therapy for the woman and varicocoele repair for the man. The birth of Louise Brown with IVF had brought a revolutionary change in the field of medicine. In earlier days it is only used for the female who were diagnosed with closed Fallopian tubes. Other infertility treatments like ICSI, Embryo Cryopreservation, assisted hatching, egg donation, pre implantation Genetic Diagnosis, PGS has greatly contributed for male infertility treatment, extra embryos optimal use, older patients, cancer patients, patients with genetic disorders and other conditions. All these technologies are together known as ART technologies.

Later new approaches came into existence like single embryo transfer, which ensures the success of the treatment by reducing complication of the multiple pregnancies. Blastocyst culture single embryo transfer are some of the future advancements in reproductive technologies. ARC is the network of doctors who are mainly working on the progress of future of Fertility.  The micro surgical sperm aspiration is also a kind procedure that ARC physician is achieving the increase birth rates and lower multiple pregnancy rates.

As the technology continues to enhance, there is a better improvement in the fertility treatments for men and also fertility treatments for women. These mind blowing IVF treatments could become common methods in extending their fertility years and helps many of the infertile couple to conceive. Some of the fertility treatments that could change the infertility world:

Genetic screening

Most of the babies are born healthy and normally without any side effects. Nearly 3-5% of babies are born with abnormalities. There are higher chances of getting birth defects in IVF babies. Genetic screening is a blood test is given to expecting parents to check for the abnormal genes that can lead to certain diseases in their baby.

Egg freezing

Age of the women negatively shows its impact on the quality and quantity of eggs. Egg freezing is the advance technology that helps women in having babies at their age of 40 also. The mature eggs of the women were retrieved and were freezes for future purpose.

Three parent IVF


This is the most advance infertility treatment that involves the creation of embryo using the DNA (genetic) material from three people: the parents and the egg donors. many crtics agrgues that athere are many risk involved in this procedure and there need to done more research on this technique.

The future of fertility could see the heights and advancements in the area of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening, egg freezing, IVM. Stem cell research using embryos is also a current advancement and it would treat all the untreatable diseases in the health care department. These advanced fertility diagnosis and treatment technologies allow more infertile couple to build the family of their dreams. The financial contributions would also be accomplished in the future of infertility.

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