Temperature increment in Mumbai affects male infertility

Temperature increment in Mumbai affects male infertility

Many of the infertility specialists in Mumbai stated that increased levels in temperature in the city are the major reason for male infertility problems.  If the temperature levels raise the fertility rates decreases in men. Mumbai temperature is comparatively better than other western countries. The fluctuation in the climate is the major concern in the city. If more than 27° c temperature continues for more than a long span of time, it affects the fertility in men and results in the decrement in the sperm count.

The consult doctors for infertility said that the men in winter are more fertile than in summer months due to the fluctuations in the temperature.  Extreme exposure to heat results in a decrease in sperm count in men and it affects the sexual behaviour of the people. The doctors have observed the decrement in the sperm count by over 25% in summer. They witnessed the rise in the number of infertility cases in the city in summer and the main reason for this is continuous exposure to heat. For the effectual production of sperms, the scrotum wants to be two degrees cooler than the body’s ideal temperature 98 degree Fahrenheit. But it is a long run procedure. Change in temperature for a day does not influence the sperm structure as it takes 10 weeks for a single sperm to attain maturity. The other problems that lead to infertility in men are: men should avoid wearing tight pants, and they should avoid keeping laptops on their lap.

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