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Sustain the biological clock with egg freezing

Sustain the biological clock with egg freezing

Fertility- a women ability to get pregnant and it could be damaged by some cancer treatments. Women who are suffering with cancer at their young age can preserve their eggs, who want to have children in the future. Beacuse, cancer causes infertility in most of the women. The first oral contraceptive pill was discovered in 1960 and it brought the changes in the women’s bodies and their lives. Recent advancements in the technology helps woman to extend their fertility life and also their biological clock irrespective of their age, their relation and issues. There are mainly two reasons why should you preserve eggs and should know where you are on biological clock. The first is that you can plan for better life and the second is that if you find there not much time to preserve the eggs due to age.

In 2007, American Society for Reproductive Medicine concludes that the mature egg can be cyropreseved safely. The main intent on preserving the woman’s egg is to preserve fertility in a woman, who is facing chemo or radiation therapy for sarcoma. The best time to preserve eggs is before starting of the cancer treatment. In some countries, the fertilized eggs are preserved taken from the infertile couple for future use. The fertility of the woman starts to decline at the egg of 27 and significantly decreases after age 35. With the help of egg freezing, a woman can preserve their eggs as they can use them at the time when they want to start a family, especially after 40’s.

The egg freezing process to maintain biological clock

  • Women need to undergo hormonal stimulation for 10-12 days before process that enables the maturity of eggs easily.

  • The stimulation can be done with the help of many stimulation techniques and by giving some injections

  • These drugs make the women to feel a little bloated and there will be no side effects with this injection

  • Eggs are collected from ovaries with the help of ultrasound guide by inserting a probe into the vagina.

  • With the help of the needle attached to the probe, eggs can be easily retrieved from the ovaries.

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This could be a better option for a woman who is facing problems like cancer, other relationships and other factors. Freezing their own egg could have higher possibilities and woman can take better decisions rather than dedication to their biological clock. But the other options that everybody should consider before going to egg/embryo freezing are donor IUI and donor egg.

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