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Surgical treatments for female Infertility

Surgical treatments for female Infertility

Surgical treatments for female Infertility

Some women want surgical treatments for infertility instead of taking medications and infertility procedures. In some situation, the infertility factor cannot be treatable through IUI and IVF procedures.  In these cases, surgical options are used to treat female infertility. Surgical treatment of infertility is the advanced way of treatment that is offered by many of the infertility clinics in India.

Surgical options for female infertility are:

In this procedure through the incision near the navel, a narrow fiber optic telescope is inserted to remove adhesions in the pelvic cavity, removing ovarian cysts and for repairing a fluid filled hydrosalpinx.

In this procedure, the infertility specialist uses a narrow, fiber optic telescope to insert in the uterus through the cervix. This process helps in diagnosing the problems in uterus and also removing adhesions inside the uterus.

Hydrosalpinx removal:
This is an affected Fallopian tube that obstructed the fluid accretion. Elimination of the affected tube increases the IVF success rates.

Fallopian tube procedure:
This surgical procedure is generally performed to reconnect the two ends of the Fallopian tubes in an effort to reverse the sterilization.

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