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Story of world's first baby born with advance Augment IVF

Story of world's first baby born with advance Augment IVF

The major failure cases of IVF are due to the abnormalities in the formed embryos and it is regarded as the failure of the two third of the IVF cases. With the advancements in the technology, genetic tests are available for checking the embryo for any DNA abnormalities, chromosomal defects, and genetic defects prior to the implantation of the embryo. But these tests are expensive and also have some drawbacks. Researchers have developed an inexpensive next generation sequencing technique that defeats the limitations of previous tests and results in the successful.

This advanced technique allows researchers to inspect the embryo that is created in the IVF technique for identifying abnormal number of chromosomes, gene mutations and mitochondrial genome mutations in the embryo. It takes only 16 hours for analyzing the embryo and the embryo need not to be frozen awaiting test outcomes. Compared to the present screening procedures of embryo, the new test is very cheaper and most advanced. Next generation sequencing technology enhances the ability to identify abnormalities and also helps doctors in selecting the best embryo with the best chance of producing a feasible pregnancy. Potentially this technology leads to improved success rates of IVF and a low risk of miscarriage.  In some cases, this technology shows better results after the failure of natural conceiving process and also artificial insemination.

Edward, who is treated as the god father for IVF has got Nobel Prize for his research and success in IVF filed. Later there has been much advancement in this technology and many advanced technologies came into existence.  After the advance embryo selection, the doctors in Canada have begun new chapter in the medical history of IVF through some advanced techniques that lead to the high success rates of IVF. This Toronto baby is the first bay in the world that born with the new and advanced IVF treatment that re-energizes a women’s eggs with the help of mitochondria from her own egg precursor cells. Zain Rajani, is the baby name who was born so healthy to his parents after trying for four years. Then doctors recommended advanced IVF procedure that is Augment IVF.

What is Augment IVF

Mother of Zain, Natasha has already gone through multiple IVF failure cycles previously and she has an issue with poor embryo development. The doctors found that there is an issue with the eggs and its energy. In this Augment process, mitochondria of cells that are located in the ovaries cells surface are extracted and added them to the older eggs to re-energize them.

In short, the procedure involves the replacement of eggs batteries and giving boost to other eggs at the blastocyst day 5 stage. Laparoscopy, minimal abdominal surgery and also involved in this process. Doctors stated that this would an effective treatment for the women who are above 40 in future.

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