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Start your fertility tests immediately

Start your fertility tests immediately

There is no single test that is ideal for infertility and the doctors should perform multiple tests and exam to identify the exact problem that is contributing the female infertility. The fertility tests for female include:

Ovulation Testing:
This test can be done at home to check the levels of LH hormone at the time of ovulation. A blood test is enough for checking progesterone, and also for checking other hormone levels such as prolactin also are checked.

During hysterosalpingography X-ray contrast is injected into the uterus and an X-ray is taken to decide if the uterine cavity is normal and whether the fluid passes out of the uterus and spills out of the Fallopian tubes. If abnormalities are found, there is a need of further evaluation. In a few women, the test itself can improve fertility, possibly by flushing out and opening the Fallopian tubes.

Ovarian Reserve testing:
This test is used to determine the quality and quantity of the eggs, which are available for ovulation. Women, who are in jeopardy of an exhausted egg supply, plus women older than 35, may have this series of blood and imaging tests.

Other Hormone testing:
These tests are mainly performed to check the levels of other hormones, thyroid and pituitary hormones, that restricts reproduction process.

Imaging tests:

These tests are used to determine the disorders in the uterine or Fallopian tubes and other tubal diseases.

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