Southern Cross Fertility Center

Southern Cross Fertility Center

Clinic Name:   Southern Cross Fertility Center

Doctor Name:   Dr. Faram E. Irani

Year of Establishment:   1989

About Clinic: 

The Southern Cross fertility and IVF center in India is known for its quality health care and personalized treatment for the patients. There are many successful cases in the hospital, especially for high risk pregnant patients. The hospital is famous for the test tube babies and they have created nearly 300 test tube babies. The doctor uses inexpensive and very quick process for IVF, many infertile couples gave birth to their babies within less time than expected. 

About Doctor: 

Dr. Irani has trained in infertility in many of the reputed universities in foreign countries like USA, Australia, UK, etc. Dr. Irani is credited with the birth of India’s first gamete Intra- Fallopian Transfer in 1990 and India’s first Zygote Intra- Fallopian Transfer triplets in 1992. The skilled and experienced staff in the clinic offers the most supportive and caring environment toward the patients.


Southern Cross Nursing Home, 
United Western Apartments, 
Ground Flr., Next to Kismat Cinema, 
Prabhadevi, Bombay- 400025. 
Maharashtra, India.
PH: +91-22-24374132/24374133 
+91 - 22-24377994 / 2430020.

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