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Solve your Thyroid problem before conceiving

Solve your Thyroid problem before conceiving

Thyroid is one of the most common factors that affect the infertility in women. Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) motivates the thyroid to release hormones like T3 and T4. This thyroid problem may occur if these hormones are produced too much or too less. This could lead to fertility problems making it harder to get pregnant. A simple diagnosis step can be helpful in identifying the thyroid levels whether it is less or very high.

Food is also a major reason for thyroid health, hyperthyroidism can lead to infertility may cause due to the levels of iodine in food. Iodine is found in regular diet and other food sources. Certain amount of iodine is very helpful to health but too much iodine can lead to hypothyroid. There is a long relation between thyroid and infertility. Hypothyroidism is linked with an increased risk of problems during pregnancy, including miscarriage, preeclampsia, poor fetal growth premature birth and stillbirth.

Many of the doctors recommend that thyroid test at the time of 35 is compulsory for every women as these are very common in young women in these days. The treatment to the thyroid is simple and it shows safe results in the women menstrual cycle very soon.

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