Social egg freezing- new trend in Mumbai

Social egg freezing- new trend in Mumbai

The news of former miss world Diana Hayden, who gave birth to her baby at the age of 42 by freezing her eggs for about eight years, has changed many of the women and their biological clock. Most recently in Mumbai, Kabir Bedi and his wife Pravenn Dusanj have also started their family by freezing their eggs a few years ago. Now many women are exploring this option due to their commitments in their carrier and other personal goals.

Social egg freezing is regarded as the taking freezing egg option not only for health reason, but also as a lifestyle choice is the new trend across the world. In Mumbai also, this technology has raised and many of the gynaecologists are taking the cases of oocyte cryopreservation. In this process, the doctors extract the woman’s eggs, frozen them and stored them for future use. Later, whenever the woman wants to start a family or whenever she plans to get pregnant the eggs are thawed, fertilized is then transfers to the uterus as an embryo.

Today the lifestyle of woman has been changing day by day and their lives have been changed from being a home-maker to being the breadwinner. The egg freezing process gives freedom to the thousands of women. The women do not have to compromise because their biological clock is ticking and this technology gives time to choose. The best time for freezing the eggs is at the early reproductive age anything between 20s and early 30s. Young women who wish to defer having a baby should consider egg freezing. In fact even women in their 30s, who want to plan a second baby, should make use of this technology. A woman's reproductive potential is short-lived as compared to a man, who can keep producing sperm till any age. The success rates of this technology mainly depend on the age of the women at the time of egg freezing.

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