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Sleeping positions during IVF pregnancy

Sleeping positions during IVF pregnancy

Sleeping positions during IVF pregnancy

Morning sickness is the main problem that many women face during pregnancy. Pregnant women often feel tired and feel fatigue during the earlier days. A good sleep at night time may help them feel rested, energized and they can prepare for the little one’s arrival. Sleeping during the last months of pregnancy becomes challenging for many women and faces difficulties getting to sleep. There are some sleeping positions that could help you in getting much needed rest.

Best sleeping positions during pregnancy

1. SOS position

It is recommended to sleep on the left side, as the blood flows easily to the uterus and the baby. Sleeping on left side increases the blood levels and also enhances the nutrient supplements to reach the baby.

2.  Sleeping with pillow

Sleeping on one side with knees bent is the most comfortable position. Pregnant women can also use pillows under their bellies and in between the two legs.

3. Lying on back

Lying on the back in the half sitting position with the support of a pillow is also fine and reduces heart burns. Sleeping while sitting is somewhat difficult position. Keep the tips in mind and get some rest.

Sleeping positions to be avoided during pregnancy

Generally most of the women are accustomed with back sleeping position. But at the time of pregnancy this is the position to be avoided.

1. Sleeping on back

Women need to avoid lying flat on the back, as the weight of the uterus presses on the spine and decreases blood flow around the body and baby. The blood circulation to the mother heart and baby will be decreased.


Black sleeping also causes some affects like:

  • Swelling, hemorrhoids and muscle aches and pains
  •  Little drop in blood pressure causes dizziness
  •  Snoring leads to sleep apnea

2. Sleeping on stomach

This is the most important position to avoid at the time of pregnancy. This position is very difficult to lie and it creates problems for the baby. In the later months, sleeping on the stomach is totally restricted.

Feel free to shift from left side to right side and avoid rolling on bed. Doing some relaxation exercises and yoga, reading book at the bed and deep breathing would help you in getting pleasant sleep at night times. Exercises few hours before sleeping reduces stress and improve night time sleep.

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