Shortage of qualified IVF specialists in Bangalore

Shortage of qualified IVF specialists in Bangalore

The exponential boom in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) centers that have been propelled by infertile couples defective to have kids has pushed up the numbers of twins, triplets and even quadruplets being born in the city. But the boom story has a risky element too — a majority of those who monitor the fertilization process are not qualified embryologists.

Insiders in the IVF 'business' claim that the baby-birthing process is done by ordinary lab technicians who masquerade as qualified embryologists. "There are barely two or three qualified embryologists in the city and around 25-30 across the country, the rest are all just lab technicians.

IVF procedures in the city are said to be on the increase, thanks to growing stress and lifestyle-related issues. Embryologists are crucial to the IVF process as they are the ones who fertilize the eggs and raise the embryos in the lab. But the realism is, sources said, there is a severe scarcity of embryologists who have obtained applicable educational certificates. In most cases, lab technicians who have worked with a capable embryologist as observers are the ones who are guarding the gametes at the laboratory. As of now, most IVFs fail and there are no reliable consequences because there is no way one can calculate quality control. There is no rigid authority to observe or supervise the whole area of reproductive medicine.

Ultimately, it is the patient who is at the receiving end of all this. If there is no individualized attention given in each case, then embryos will fail to implant, thereby resulting in a failure in the procedure. Some travelling embryologists are there only for an hour and then hand over the embryo to the clinician for transfer.

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