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Semen Analysis-first test to evaluate a men's fertility

Semen Analysis-first test to evaluate a men's fertility

Male factor infertility is mainly caused due to the abnormalities in the sperm. Semen analysis is the first major test for determining the male factor infertility.  This test evaluates the status of the male partner’s sperm and its functioning, as this plays a crucial role in the reproduction. Sperm evaluation is the crucial step in the infertility treatments. The most important values that have been identified at the time of semen analysis are:

  •      Volume of sperms in the semen
  •      Sperm Count
  •      Motility
  •      Morphology

The main aim of this is to measure the total volume of the ejaculate. Generally, most of the men produce less amount of semen and it is around 1-4ml. However, less or high volume of semen may cause some interpretations of the female during intercourse.

Sperm count is one of the most important factors for infertility. Low sperm counts are naturally implicit to infertility. This is mainly due to the hormonal imbalance and anatomical and can be cured with some medications.


Motility is generally expressed with the percentage of moving sperms and regarded as the quality of sperm. Some men with high volumes of semen have lower motility sperm. The acceptable count is 10 million sperm with good motility per ml.


It deals with the shape of the sperm. In this test, they measure the percentage of sperm that have a normal shape.

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