Secondary infertility haunting Mumbai

Secondary infertility haunting Mumbai

A study conducted by the infertility clinic in Mumbai finds, secondary infertility is getting common among most of the women in Mumbai. Secondary infertility is the inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy after a woman has conceived once earlier. The couples who already have a baby may find difficulties in having a baby in a second time for some medical reasons. In Mumbai, 20-25% of couple are facing problem of secondary infertility and are consulting doctors.

The study of the Nova IVF centre in Mumbai stated that nearly 20% of couples are facing problem with secondary infertility and also stated that these kinds of cases are almost common in all metros. Doctors of Nova IVF centre stated that the main reason for causing the secondary infertility are similar to those of primary infertility like tubal blockages, endometriosis, fibroid uterus, altered parameters of sperm. These problems are mainly caused due to the lifestyle changes, age and stress issues. Sometimes couples cannot accept that they are infertile in these cases as they are having babies for the first time. These cases need special care and special evaluation of their fertility potential.

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