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Safety measures while dying hair during pregnancy

Safety measures while dying hair during pregnancy

Most of the doctors stated that the chemicals present in the permanent and non-permanent dyes are not highly toxic. But many of the pregnant women are more concerned about their health and their baby health. There are myths and truths about the hair coloring during pregnancy. A negligible amount of dye is absorbed by the skin pores, when the dye is applied. There is a little risk for the growth of the baby, if the body absorbs harmful fumes from the dye.

Some experts suggested that semi-permanent dyes are safer than permanent dyes, as the ammonia present in this dye is highly toxic. Safety measures for the usage of dye during pregnancy are:

  • Limited usage could reduce the risk
  • Knowing about the ingredients that are mentioned in the wrapper before applying is most important
  • Manufacturers added additional ingredients to retain in the competitive market, those extra component could cause harm for the pregnant woman.
  • Ensure that you are following the below steps carefully:
  • Wear hand gloves at the time of applying
  • Rest it for just minimum time as mentioned
  • Apply it in a well ventilated room
  • Once the dye is applied, rinse your scalp.

Consider the alternative methods

If you consider your hair dying during pregnancy, try the methods that are just effective with no side effects.

Consider second trimester for dying

Second trimester is the best ideal time for coloring hair. The first three months are more crucial and the growth is very rapid at this period with major organs, follicles and muscles. As a safety measure, totally avoid hair coloring at the first trimester.

Tyr vegetable dyes

Instead of chemical dyes, try to color your hair with vegetable dyes that do not contain any harsh chemicals. Vegetable dyes are very mild and they do not provide any harsh fumes and they avoid nauseatic or ill, unlike chemical dyes.

Use natural alternatives

Considering henna is also a good option at the time of pregnancy. Henna is completely natural and it does not contain any chemicals, toxic elements that harm you and your little one in womb.

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