Rise in infertility cases in Hyderabad

Rise in infertility cases in Hyderabad

A survey conducted in the city in 2015 found that around 20 percent of patients who approached fertility clinics in the city are facing troubles in identifying the exact cause for the problem. As per the expert opinion, the exact reason for the infertility in both the men and women could be easily identified only the experts in that field. But many of the couples are getting unknown cause for the infertility problem, which is a major reason for causing frustration among the couple seeking infertility treatment.

Around 1165 patients in all the fertility clinics in Hyderabad, eighty percent were from Hyderabad and the rest were from other districts of the state. Dr Chandana Lakkireddi, fertility consultant in the city said that in most of the unexplained reasons for infertility, there could be chances of something went wrong on the basic level, whether at the testing time of sperm or eggs. Normally a sperm or egg looks healthy, but under the microscope the sperm is not found to fertilize properly. In many cases, it is found that women with high reserves of eggs have all the bad quality eggs.

Experts say that in-vitro fertilization helps them understand the health of the eggs and sperms, but there are times when they are not able to understand the reasons for failed implantation. Patients suffering from unexplained infertility go from clinic to clinic and become increasingly apprehensive, disheartened and disturbed. Most of the couple has spent a lot of money on tests and results are always the same.

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