Ridge IVF

Ridge IVF

Clinic Name:   Ridge IVF

Doctor Name:  Dr. M. Gouri Devi

Year of Establishment:  1991

About Clinic:

The Ridge IVF clinic is known for its holistic approach towards infertility treatment and the staff in the clinic are committed to providing high quality services to the patients. The clinic follows all the international norms for keeping the laboratory tidy and safe. The centre is famous for state of the art equipment in the lab and also maintains higher standards in the quality of treatment compared to the other clinics.

About Doctor:

Dr. M. Gouri Devi is the Sr. consultant for the infertility and IVF treatment at the Ridge IVF center. She was trained from the famous universities in the UK and Italy. She has been providing infertility treatment for thousands of couples since 1977 to till date with high success rates.


Fortis Ridge Fertility & IVF Centre

Gouri Hospitals Ltd. 30 Malka Ganj Road
Jawahar Nagar, Delhi-110007
Phone: 011-47164716, 011-47164713

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