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Pros and Cons of IVF process

Pros and Cons of IVF process

Thousands of babies have been born worldwide with the help of IVF infertility treatment. In this process, the quality eggs are gathered from a woman’s ovaries and fertilized with the partner’s sperm in the laboratory. After the formation of the embryo, it is then placed into the uterus of the woman. As this is the most common infertility treatment, there are many pros and cons in IVF.

  •     IVF is the most recommended option for the men with low sperm count
  •     It is helpful for the women with closed Fallopian tubes
  •     This treatment greatly reduces the surgery to the Fallopian tubes
  •     Option to prevent birth defects as the embryo is formed outside the body.
  •     It is the most advanced and accessible treatment that every infertility clinic is now providing.


  •     Cost is the first disadvantage that needs to be considered with IVF
  •     Depending on the circumstances, there is a 30 percent chance in the IVF success.
  •     Another disadvantage is having multiple births.
  •     Sometimes not all the fertilized eggs are used and some have beliefs and ethics as this is waste of life.

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