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Preserve your parenthood with more options

Preserve your parenthood with more options

Fertility preservation

The Cryopreservation or freezing of the human reproductive tissues is regarded as the fertility preservation. The preserved tissue can be used in future IVF process or IUI treatments. Human tissues like semen, eggs, embryos (fertilized eggs) are frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen at temperature more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. These tissues are frozen and stored in specially designed tanks. If the patients are undergoing any infertility treatment like IVF or IUI, these tissues are transferred into the particular clinic for further treatment. These fertility preservations are mainly recommended for the patients who are mainly concerned about their future fertility, cancer patients, age and lifestyle of the individuals. These preservation options are different for both men and women.

Fertility preservation for Women

Embryo Banking:
In this process eggs are retrieved from the women and fertilized through IVF. After formation of the embryo, the embryo is then preserved and then frozen for future use.

Egg Banking:
Fertilized dugs are given to the female for providing more quality eggs. Then the unfertilized eggs are collected and frozen in egg banks.

Ovarian tissue banking:
With the help of surgical procedure, the entire ovary is removed, which contains the egg strip. This procedure is highly recommended for the women who are suffering with cancer.
Ovarian transportation:
If the women need to undergo the radiation therapy, surgeons replace the ovaries at the time of radiation treatment and then replaced in the original position after the treatment.

Fertility preservation for Men

Sperm banking:
Semen samples are taken and sperm cells are collected and frozen for future purpose.

Gonadal Shielding:
At the time of radiation treatment, carefully shielding the testes protects from radiation.

Testicular Sperm Extraction:
For the men who are not able to produce semen sample, TESA surgery is used to retrieve sperm and then frozen.

Testicular tissue cryopreservation:
Cells that generates sperm and sperm itself are removed and frozen

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