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Pregnancy hope with low ovarian reserves

Pregnancy hope with low ovarian reserves

Prior to the performing of IVF cycle, many of the clinics recommend the test for low ovarian reserves. IVF failure gives the mental disappointment and also financial disappointment in the infertile couple. If the couple is more interested in choosing their own oocytes, then the suitable treatment alternative will be provided to the patient. Then the treatment is stimulated by giving additional medication to optimize the response. Pre treatment for the ovarian reserves before committing to the IVF cycle has generated more benefits than patient’s distress.

Low Ovarian Reserve

Ovaries of the women contains number of eggs at any time, ovarian reserve is the pool of eggs present in the ovaries at any particular time. Low ovarian reserve is the reduction in the number of eggs resulting in the reduction of the chance of pregnancy. Age is the single most factors that cause low ovarian reserve. In most of the women the majority of the eggs is genetically normal and balance. The best and mature eggs are ovulated first. In women with more than 40 years age and young women who have low ovarian reserves, the eggs were not stimulated with the fertility boosting drugs.

Ovarian reserve tests

The commonly used ovarian reserve tests are Follicle stimulating hormone FSH and the clomiphene citrate challenge test CCCT. The tests involve the measures of inhibin, mullerian inhibition factor and a variety of proactive responsive tests. Ultrasound has also been used to test the anticipate stimulation response. If the result of the test is a poor responder then there is a lower chance of conception and live birth compared to members of the normal responder group regardless of the age. ART technologies may be highly helpful and the success rates are also high compared to the other processes.

Success rates of IVF with poor ovarian reserves

The basic successful environment for the IVF cycle is good quality of eggs and a healthy uterine environment. The main intent of this process is to identify the stimulation of the ovaries with fertility drugs. Woman’s age is the most consistent factor for the ovarian reserves.  Majority of eggs is genetically normal or balanced. The best egg ovulates first in then released eggs. But the women with older ages are less fertility and the quality of eggs decreases with their age.

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