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Predictive factors that cause infertility in India

Predictive factors that cause infertility in India

There are many causes for the cause of infertility in men and women. The major reason is the result from the physical problem in either men or women reproductive system. Some major causes are:

  • Man’s reproductive system problems

  • Woman’s reproductive system problems

  • Woman’s uterus problem or cervix problem

  • Problems with the woman’s ovulation

  • Sometimes unknown reason.

With the increased stress and social life in the society, infertility is one of the most emotionally devastating disease affecting modern day families. Some causes of infertility are attributed to male while the other causes are related to the female

Causes of infertility in women

There are many causes of infertility in women of all age groups based on the racial group, ethical group and age groups. Some issues, including:

  • Physical abnormalities

  • Hormonal issues

  • STDs complications

  • Others

Causes of infertility in men

Male infertility causes are generally related to issues with the:

  • Quality of sperm

  • Sperm counts

  • Physical abnormalities

The major factors that affect the infertility in both the men and woman are:

  • Adenomysis

  • Age

  • Cancer

  • Clotting

  • Endometriosis            

  • Lifestyle Factors

  • Ovulation

  • PCOS

  • Thyroid

  • Tubal

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