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Pre-eclampsia-a danger to baby and mother

Pre-eclampsia-a danger to baby and mother

Mothers who undergone IVF treatment has more chances to suffer pre-eclampsia during pregnancy,as they take number fertility drugs at this time. This is a common condition in women which is characterized by high blood pressure, swelling in the limbs and protein in the urine.This condition stops the placenta from getting enough blood. If it happens the baby would not get essential nutrients. This could affect in low birth weight and other problems for the baby. This pre-eclampsia can occur at any time of the pregnancy and it more likely occurs at the time of third trimester. If this condition is left untreated, it could severely affect both mother and the baby. It prevents the development of fetus and damages liver and kidney of the mother, progresses to eclampsia which is a very severe condition causes seizures.

Causes of Pre-eclampsia

There is no one single cause of pre-eclampsia and the exact cause have not been identified yet. Some doctors believe that it starts in the placenta and its improper functioning. Some researchers suspect that it is mainly due to the poor intake of nutrients and high body fat causes pre-eclampsia. Some common causes of pre-eclampsia are:

  • Insufficient blood flow to the uterus.
  • Blood vessels damage or poor development of blood vessels
  • Immune system problems
  • In some cases, genes also causes pre-eclampsia
  • Having a history of high blood pressure, kidney problems and diabetes.
  • Being pregnant in early teens and being obese.

Symptoms of pre-eclampsia

Sudden weight gain without eating

Weight gain is the normal thing in pregnancy. But there is a risk with the sudden gaining of weight for about 2 to 3 pounds within a week could be a sign of pre-eclampsia. Make a note of your weight regularly and consult your doctor if you feel sudden weight gain.

Swelling of the hands and legs

The most common symptom of pre-eclampsia is swelling in the hands, feet, face and legs. If the swelling begins suddenly, it is severe it is better to consult doctor.

Severe headaches

Women with pre-eclampsia often experience constant headaches that are severe and throbbing. If constant headache is accomplished by swellings and visual disturbance, it is better to consult a doctor.

Upper right abdominal pain and right shoulder pain

Indigestion and heartburn are the common symptoms in pregnant women. But women should pay attention to abdominal pain. Severe abdominal pain that radiates to shoulders and back may be due to pre-eclampsia.

Increment in BP levels and heartbeat

If there is an increment in the levels of blood pressure and the levels of heartbeat, it is recommended to see doctor. Development of pre-eclampsia sometimes increases the levels of heartbeat and anxiety.

Treatment for pre-eclampsia

  • As it is a rare condition, many scientists are still working on the treatment measures for this.
  • Taking total bed rest in the hospital or at the home is the first treatment.
  • Patients are advised to lie down completely on left side.
  • The levels of BP, urine and weight should be monitored continuously.
  • Patient need to take protein rich food
  • Small amount of drugs is given to controls the high levels of BP.

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