Pratham IVF & Infertility Clinic

Pratham IVF & Infertility Clinic

Clinic Name:  Pratham IVF & Infertility Clinic

Doctor Name: Dr Dharmesh kapadia

Year of Establishment: 2004

About Clinic:

Established in 2004, Partham IVF clinic is famous in providing personalized attention and care towards patients. The clinic offers high quality treatments with personalized care to every individual patient. The highly skilled team in the hospital are trained from many of the international institutes in the field of IVF and advanced technologies.

About Doctor:

Dr. Dharmesh Kapadia being instrumental in developing few IVF centres across the state has been serving in the field of ART for 11 years now. Him being a perfect and unique combination of IVF Specialist & Clinical Embryologist gives his clinic an edge over other centers in context of clinical pregnancy rate and takes home baby rate. Thousands of IVF pregnancies are under his belt and he has optimized protocols for embryology procedures and clinical infertility practice which is giving excellent results. He is very well known in the state for his ICSI and Vitrification skills.


First Floor, Advait Complex,
Near Sandesh Press,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

PH: 91-79 -26761860

E-mail: prathamivf@gmail.com

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