Polluted Food causes loss of fertility

Polluted Food causes loss of fertility

A famous Troichologist from Bangalore stated that many of the cases that he is getting daily are males, especially below 30 years. The main culprit for this cause is the degradation in the environment. Now a day everything is polluted, especially in metro industries like Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. along with the air pollution, water pollution and contaminated water, the food we are taking now is also contaminated. The hormones which are used as pesticides contaminate the food and water.

For increasing the poultry production, growth hormones are injecting into the chickens to mature them faster.  People get these hormones through their foods. The pesticides used in the food and vegetables in these days affect the reproductive system. These pesticides after entering into the body causes various hormonal disorders cause thyroid diseases and polycystic ovary disease in women and testosterone disorders in men.  These are the main reasons for increasing the infertility in cities like Bangalore in huge numbers.

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