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Panicking about the developed moles during pregnancy

Panicking about the developed moles during pregnancy

It is very normal to have minor changes in the body and also to the moles in the body during pregnancy. This is mainly due to the release of the estrogen and progesterone hormones in higher levels. These moles respond to the hormonal changes during teenage, pregnancy and old age. These are the small patches or the spots on skin.

  • Moles are caused due to genetic and inherited from parents
  • They can be of any size and shape and ranges from 10 to 100 for every individual

Causes of moles

Hereditary and genes plays an important role in the formation of moles. At the time of pregnancy, lot of moles will appear on the stomach and breast areas and the already existing moles become bigger and darker. This change usually happens because of the hormonal changes in the body. Most of the moles formed at the time of pregnancy go away post pregnancy.

All these moles are not harmful and non cancerous. Sometimes these moles were developed and become an aggressive skin cancer.

Make a note of the usual changes in the moles at the time of pregnancy. If the moles become too bigger and asymmetrical, it is the time to consult gynecologist or dermatologist. The common concerns about moles:

  • When they become raised from flat shape
  • Has an irregular border
  • If it is in uneven color
  • If it becomes red and causes pain
  • If you feel tender or itchy
  • If it bleeds
  • If your body has more number of moles than usual, you should protect your skin away from the sun by covering with clothes or by using sunscreen lotions.

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