Operative workshop on gyanae endoscopic surgery and infertility

Operative workshop on gyanae endoscopic surgery and infertility

Jayapee Hospiatl is one of the infertility clinics in Noida based infertility clinics in Delhi. The clinic has conducted a live workshop on the infertility treatments and endoscopic surgery treatments. The main aim of conducting this treatment is to enlighten the scientific and technicality of endoscopic surgery to the doctors community.

Vistas in Gyanae Endoscopic surgery and Infertility are the name of the workshop and were conducted by a team of 6 Delhi based doctors. 14 registered patients from the Delhi based clinic have participated in this workshop. Laparoscopy Hysterectomy, Laparoscopic Werthiem’s Hysterectomy for cancer, Laparoscopic Fibroid and Ovarian Cyst removal, Single port Laparoscopy and Fertility enhancing hystero-laparoscopic surgery was performed lively in the workshop with the help of more advanced techniques.

A Laparoscopic procedure with the advance medical treatments results in minimal blood loss of the patient with less pain and with less recovery time. Uterine Artery Embolization, freezing of eggs for delaying conception amongst working women, medicolegal issues in endocscopy, male infertility and fertility inhibiting toxins, etc. kind of the latest techniques in the infertility treatment was also discussed in the workshop by the experienced and trained doctors.

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