Obesity increases the risk of infertility in women

Obesity increases the risk of infertility in women

Delhi based doctor Anubha Singh stated that obesity is one of the major reasons in causing infertility, especially in women. It is evident that about 1.2 billion people around the world are recorded as overweight and are facing problems with obesity. Seventy percent of the population in Delhi was coming under obesity and overweight category. India is just behind the US and China in the countries with the highest risk of obese people. Being obese is not good for health and it results in many of the health problems. The major reasons for getting obesity are junk food, alcohol and the present lifestyle changes.

The growing problem in India in today’s time is infertility caused due to obesity. There are records that almost 10 percent of the couples are affected by infertility and are hesitating to take medical advices. The women obese rates in India have been rising in India continuously. Mainly in urban cities like Mumbai, Delhi obesity is mainly due to the lifestyle issues and packed high calorie foods such as burgers, chips and soft drinks.

Women who are obese are also at a greater risk for pregnancy complications like having a C-section, giving birth to a large baby or even developing gestational diabetes and hypertension. In teen girls, the obesity problem leads to hormonal imbalance and excessive production of insulin and in some cases PCOS. Obese has also resulted in irregular periods and the decrement in weight up to 15 kilos helps young obese girls and increases the chances of conceiving.

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