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Natural IVF- an IVF without medications

Natural IVF- an IVF without medications

Natural IVF is generally done through the standard fertility drug released by the women monthly exclusive of any medications or fertility drugs. This treatment is usually suggested by the infertility specialist if the women periods are regular and is having a normal ovulation. In this procedure a high quality egg is collected that has been naturally chosen by the body. The high quality egg is used to boost the probability of creating high eminence embryo. All through the treatment the growth of a physically chosen follicle and achieve egg retrieval preceding to its ovulation. In this process, the high quality egg is selected which has a potential to become a healthy baby.

Advantages of natural IVF

  • It reduces the chances of side effects and/or complications resulting from fertility drugs, such as Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS).
  • It results in a much shorter and safer procedure. Because only one or two eggs are collected, the procedure time is very short. Patients are able to walk in, walk out, and drive home after the procedure. 
  • Multiple gestation are banned because only one egg is retrieved and transferred. The risk of multiple pregnancies is less than 1%.
  • NC-IVF is less than half the price of conventional IVF. NC-IVF totally eliminates the pressure and discomfort of daily injections.
  • It requires less normal monitoring. Most patients only require two to three visits during NC-IVF, compared to six to seven with conservative IVF.
  • NC-IVF works despite of a patient’s age, FSH or AMH level, or antral follicle counts. With predictable IVF, patients are frequently suggested to a donor egg program if they only have a little follicles or a high FSH level. The cycle is often cancelled if less than 3 follicles are developed.

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